Rei Whisperblade

Emperess of Anezria


Rei Whisperblade was born in 937 AE. She began life as the daughter of a lord of the eastern region of Anezria. She excelled at swordplay naturally, and when she was 16 she joined her father’s army to fight the Balionan military during the Thirty Years’ War. Though the war ended with a stalemate, Rei proved herself to be a very capable leader and warrior, until she ended up as the general of Lord Whisperblade’s army.

When Emperor Avellius died in 962 AE, the Tournament of Coronation was held to determine the successor. Rei entered the contest at the urging of her father, and she triumphed over her competition, emerging undefeated. She was crowned Emperess of Anezria, becoming only the second female to rule the country.

She wields with exceptional skill the ancient longsword of first emperor of Anezria, named “Dragonbane.”

Rei Whisperblade

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