Julius Wyvernrider

High Commander of Balione


Julius Wyvernrider was born in Obsidia. Unlike most Obsidians, who excel in the arcane arts, Julius was always more skilled with the martial arts. He was born to a poor family who lived on the countryside. To make money, Julius would fight in Gladiator matches, often facing situations of certain death.

After one particular match, when Julius was 15, a Balionan diplomat asked him to join him and fight in Balione’s army against the Anezrians. Julius, looking to escape his life of indentured servitude, agreed and left with the diplomat.

Julius’ rise through the Balionan army was meteoric. He quickly became a Knight-Captain, and even fought dueled against Rei Whisperblade during the Thirty Years’ War. Their fight was interrupted when a legion of Balionan soldiers came by, and Julius told Rei to retreat; he could not let an equal opponent of strength and honor be felled by some cowardly longbowman.

In honor of his victories during the Thirty Years’ War, Julius was made a General, and when the Wyvern Mountain War began, he was appointed High Commander of Balione.

Julius Wyvernrider

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