The Empire of Anezria is the oldest continuous government in the world. The empire began almost a millennium ago, and has not suffered a revolt or a dissolution yet.

The Empire is currently ruled by Emperess Rei Whisperblade.


The Empire of Anezria has been involved in the following wars:
  • War of Arcane Rights
  • Obsidian Conflict
  • Tiefling War
  • Irganthian Civil War (known to Balione as the “War of Independence”)
  • Thirty Years’ War
  • Wyvern Mountain War


The Empire of Anezria is ruled by an emperor or emperess, which is determined by a tournament after the old emperor or emperess dies. The winner of the tournament is then subjected to many rituals and oaths before given control of the empire.

Every ruler of Anezria has been either Good or Lawful Good, and has sworn to remain as such. The rituals and oaths are intended to ensure that an Evil, Chaotic Evil, or Unaligned individual cannot inherit the empire.


Anezria’s armed forces consist of a feudal system of warlords and nobles who control their land as well as individual armies. This feudal system is not centralized, and it is thought that the decentralized nature of Anezria’s armies is the reason that they lost control of their land west of the Wyvern Mountains. When Rei Whisperblade rose to power, she attempted to centralize Anezria’s military under the control of herself and her close lieutenants, but was met with fierce resentment from lords and nobles.

The following is the breakdown of ranks in the Anezrian Imperial military, starting with highest rank:

  • Ferus Holy Knight
  • Ferus Magi
  • Ferus Swordlord / Swordlady
  • Ferus Priest / Priestess

Note that this list is limited, as the forces directly under the control of the emperess are limited to her own special army.


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