The Kingdom of Balione is fairly new compared to other nations. The seat of the Kingdom, Dracongarde, was once home to a Dragonborn empire. Over three hundred years after its collapse, King Taegr I established the new nation after revolting against the empire of Anezria, which ruled the entire continent of Irganthis at the time. Balione fought Anezrian forces all the way back to the Wyvern Mountains.

The Kingdom of Balione is currently ruled by King Meliar I.


Since its founding, Balione has been involved in the following wars:

  • War of Independence
  • Thirty Year’s War
  • War of the Blood Sea
  • Wyvern Mountain War


Balione is a monarchy, with absolute authority resting on the monarch. The kingdom is passed from father to son. If no sons are available, the kingdom passes to the late king’s brother, uncle, or cousin. Though there has not yet been any such incident, if the king were to die with no male relative, the law as written would pass the kingdom in control of the Chancellor, who would then decide which of the king’s relatives, male or female, would inherit the country.

Cities are governed by mayors, who are appointed directly by the king himself. Smaller villages and settlements will often elect their own leader, who will then petition the king for his blessing.


The Balionan military is renowned for its skills and abilities in combat. Though the king is the highest commander of the military, most decisions are left to the High Commander, who is appointed by the king.

The following is the chain of command in the military, starting with High Commander:

  • High Commander
  • General
  • Knight-Captain
  • Captain
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Trooper


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